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Guild Wars General / old PC gamer article someone on reddit unearthed
« on: April 26, 2021, 10:33:09 AM »
I just thought it was a neat look back. I was even surprised by some of the early information before I got to play in the beta. Apparently the mesmer used to be called the "menser."

General Gaming / Sword Coast Legends
« on: February 12, 2015, 10:37:50 PM »

New DnD based game coming. Look like it could be interesting with the option to have someone be the real time DM.

Random Ranting / Damn Weather
« on: February 08, 2015, 01:42:21 PM »
The Boston area is gearing up for our fourth snowstorm in two weeks, with a fifth coming on Thursday. This is what we have already. The mound on the corner of the driveway is getting up to my neck. Actually starting to get a bit frustrated with it all... :p

Guild Wars 2 General / gw2 expansion: Heart of Thorns
« on: January 24, 2015, 11:49:13 AM »
They just announced the first expansion at PAX South. They're starting to talk about new features. So far I've just come to the conclusion that Arenanet's president is a really awkward presenter.

edit: (watching on twitch)

edit 2: also learned that I've been pronouncing "Maguuma" wrong for ten years.

Computer stuff / new hard drive & steam issue
« on: November 30, 2014, 02:43:52 PM »
Back in February I added a second hard drive to my desktop since my primary hard drive was pretty quickly filling up, and I started moving a lot of things over from my C drive to the new hard drive, including a lot of games, since those were taking up the bulk of the space. So I wholesale dumped a lot of folders - Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, iTunes, etc. including my Steam folders onto the new hard drive and didn't think much of it at the time.

Fast forward to now, and I've started noticing some issues with certain Steam games when I try to run them. I'll run them and the program will go into full screen for a moment while it loads and then cut out with a "suchandsuch.exe has suddenly stopped working" error message. This has only happened with my Steam games that I had before I installed the new hard drive, but not with all of them (i.e. Portal works just fine, but Thief: The Dark Project doesn't, both of which I've had for ages). I'm not sure why moving hard drives would affect some games but not others, but I can't think of anything else specific that might have started causing problems.

Any thoughts on fixes or should I suck it up and start reinstalling the games that don't work?

Computer stuff / graphics card issues
« on: May 03, 2014, 03:18:55 PM »
So last night my graphics card started giving me some problems. Everything is still rendering just fine, but there's also some static coming through and occasional lines across the screen. I've checked that everything inside my computer case is clean and updated the drivers, but the problem persists. My dad is of the opinion that it's about to die on me (every time this has happened to him, he's had to replace the graphics card shortly thereafter). I just wanted to check the peanut gallery here in case anyone had other ideas I might check.

This is my current graphics card for reference. It's almost two years old.

General Gaming / elder scrolls online
« on: August 23, 2013, 05:00:16 PM »
I was actually very interested in this until they revealed recently that it's going to be subscription based, which I can't really afford....they are actually giving the first thirty days free, but after that it's $15/month. Sad day! What's everyone else think?,44578,3026853.html

Guild Wars 2 General / finally finished gw2...
« on: August 19, 2013, 08:35:43 PM »
...after a year, it's about damn time! Mostly this is just I didn't have a whole lot of time during the school year, and I just didn't put a whole lot of effort into it. And the caveat being I finished the storyline...there's still an absurd amount of content I haven't even touched yet. So I thought I'd leave a few opinions...

As much as I do enjoy the game and as much as I like Arenanet, the story was kind of disappointing and anticlimactic. You'd think a final showdown with a creature called an elder dragon would be exciting, but it was honestly really boring. Cinematically it would totally be interesting to watch, but as far as game play it was really dull. Basically it turned into Deus Ex Machina to defeat Zhaitan. It honestly had a pretty great set up - you've reunited the members of Destiny's Edge, who have all gone into Arah to take on the dragon, but...nothing really happened. Apparently the final mission used to be incredibly difficult. One of the people playing with us told me it took them six hours to finish the first time he played a couple of weeks after launch, but now it's too easy.

Honestly, around level 45-50 I stopped caring a whole lot about the story. The characters weren't really that interesting (there were a couple I wanted to shoot because they were so obnoxious), and a lot of the missions were sort of...side stuff. They didn't really impact the overall course of the game. Except for a few key story missions and the dungeons, most of them could never have happened and the story wouldn't have changed at all. And the dialogue was really lousy. It was kind of after-school special-y a lot of the time, and during the last four or five missions, SOMEONE gets all noble and sacrifices themselves for the mission. The first time it happened (much earlier in the story) it was interesting. When it happens several missions in a row...kinda annoying actually.

I'm kind of disappointed in Arenanet on this point. In the original Guild Wars (and for the most part in Factions/NF/EotN) the story was really tightly put together and interesting, but the only part of GW2's storytelling I felt was on par with GW1 was the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon, which successfully combined fun gameplay with a story that does a really good job of mining the lore of the original game to enrich the story.

Just wanted to put my thoughts down. I definitely enjoyed the game, but I think Arenanet could have done so much better by the storyline for GW2.

Guild Wars 2 General / free trial weekend
« on: August 17, 2013, 03:34:23 PM »
Arenanet is having a free trial weekend August 23-25 if anyone's interested. Thought I'd pass it along.

Guild Wars 2 General / Crafting Guide!
« on: October 06, 2012, 02:53:46 AM »
So, when I first started playing, crafting made about zero sense to me, but through trial and error, I've more or less figured it out, which I now realize, was actually the whole point.  The system is designed to be explored through trial and error to discover how to craft different items.  However, I'm putting this together to take out some of the initial confusion about how the fuck the system works.  Please forgive I forgot to take some pictures that would probably be more useful to see, but I think I have enough that it should make sense.

The Disciplines
There are eight crafting disciplines: armorsmith, artificer, chef, huntsman, jeweler, leatherworker, tailor, and weaponsmith.  Each focuses on different broad categories of items, so each is more useful to different classes.  For instance, my guardian, who wears heavy armor, is an armorsmith and can craft some pretty good armor for herself, whereas my ranger, who wears medium armor, is a leatherworker, so she can craft herself armor as well.  A character can learn two disciplines at a time and can switch between crafting disciplines for a cost, but the more experience you have in a discipline, the more expensive it is to switch.

All disciplines require crafting materials, which can be acquired in the world through drops, salvages, or gathering nodes, or through trade.

Most of your materials will come through gathering, so I'll start with that.  To gather, you first need gathering tools: a mining pick for ores, a logging axe for lumber, and a gathering sickle for various foods.  There are also different qualities of tools for different qualities of materials - for instance, you need a stronger pick to mine silver ore than to mine copper ore, but all higher level tools are backwards compatible and can still gather from lesser material nodes.

So, first you equip the appropriate tool:

Then you find yourself a node.  This is relatively easy because they show up on your mini-map, so whenever you're adventuring you're aware of what resources are nearby:

In this case I found an Ekku sappling:

And began to chop it down:

In the process I acquired green wood logs.  Most trees and ores will yield three of the material, unless it's a rich ore vein, in which case I've collected as much as 20 pieces of ore, plus gems.  For foods, it's a bit of a toss up how much you get depending on what food you're harvesting.  I don't have a chef yet, so I'm not really sure how it works.

Alternatively, you can trade for materials.  Some materials, such as thread and smelting materials (tin, coal, etc), can be purchased from vendors:

In this case, I needed to purchase jute thread.  This image also shows the tier system for crafting materials.  Many crafting materials come as part of a hierarchy of materials used for similar things.  In this case, you can see all six tiers of thread.  The better the item, the better the materials needed to craft it.  To start, you'll only be able to craft with the first tier, and you unlock the other tiers when you hit certain crafting levels.  I think wool thread unlocks at either level 50 or level 75 in the crafting discipline (to add perspective, crafting levels max out at 400).  It's also important to note that different materials may require different levels in different disciplines.  For instance, a pile of glittering dust can be used from level 0 as an artificer, level 25 as an armorsmith, and level 50 as a jeweler.

There is also a huge trade for materials on the trading post, and often times when I'm in the middle of crafting and fall short of a certain item (particularly if it's a harder to acquire item) I will turn to the trading post to acquire what I need.  The trading post is pretty easy to use for buying items.  You can search for what you want, it gives you the lowest price available by default, and you hit buy:

You will have to actually got to a Black Lion Trading Post vendor to pick up any materials you have purchased, as well as to collect money from items you've sold.

The Crafting Panel
To learn a crafting discipline, you have to speak to a Master Crafter for the discipline you want to learn.

And voila, you've learned the discipline.

Then you go the crafting station, and the crafting panel will open up.

On the left hand column, you'll see the four panes available.  The first is the discovery pane, which I will talk about later.  The second, shown, is the production pane.  This is where you will make any materials you already know how to craft.  As you can see, I already have a default list of items that I know how to craft.  If you notice the numbers next to some of the items, those indicate items I already have the materials ready for in my crafting storage.
The third is the bank pane, so I have access to anything in my storage.  The fourth is my collectibles storage pane.  This pane is where all of the crafting materials you've collected in the game are stored.

Back on the production pane, if you click on a recipe, it will tell you what materials you need to craft it.  This particular one is one of the default recipes, and it shows the basic recipe for any piece of armor: two base components for the item, and an upgrade.  Most recipes follow a similar structure.

If you look at the recipe for one of the components, you'll see we need raw materials, in this case a stretched rawhide leather square and jute thread.

So those materials are the ones you need first, some of which, like the stretched rawhide leather square need to be refined from your base crafting materials.  I don't have a picture of this, but if you look at the production pane, you will see a category called "Refinement".  To start, my leatherworker could craft bolts of jute and stretched rawhide leather squares.
The next item you need is an upgrade component, which in my case, was an insignia.  Each upgrade component will require a special crafting material, such as a vial of thin blood or a tiny scale (like the one I purchased through the trading post).  These are typically the most expensive materials to acquire if you need to purchase them, so it's wise to stock up on them as much as possible when you get them while adventuring.

To learn new recipes, you have to discover them through the crafting pane.  You will have access to all of the materials in your inventory and collectible storage that there are still recipes to learn for.  If you place an item in the discovery pane, it will tell you how many more items you need to make something.  If you get the right combination, as shown here, it will let you craft it.

And we've created something new!

This will give you a small chunk of experience, and the recipe will become available in your production pane.  While crafting from your production pane grants experience, you will get the most experience discovering new recipes, so this is the most effective way to raise your crafting level.

Every 25 levels, new base crafting recipes and materials will become available for use.  5 levels prior to that, the new recipes will show up in your production pane in red.

The other colors indicate how much experience you will get from crafting that item.  Gold recipes will give the most experience, whereas white or gray recipes will give no experience.

When you actually reach that 25th level, you will be able to craft the new recipe, which will open up new recipes to discover and continue gaining experience.

The cool thing is that you can actually craft some fairly useful items.  I was caught by surprise on my guardian when I realized the armor she was crafting was actually better than the armor she was using, and there are a bunch of other odd recipes that can come in handy, such as equipment bags.  What's even better is that you can then sell the useful items on the trading post, sometimes for a nice chunk of change.  Earlier today I sold some larger equipment boxes for about 20 silver each, and I've raked in as much as 40 silver selling masterwork armor pieces.  Granted, some of them have inherent costs - I think I only netted about 6 silver on the boxes (the runes required can only be purchased and cost 14 silver), and because I purchased some of the materials for the masterwork armors, I think I only netted 16 silver.  Of course, this just gives more impetus to gathering materials on your own.  If I'd acquired all of the materials on my own, I would have netted the entire 40 silver for that masterwork armor.  A point of caution on the trading post though, the trading post collects 15% of whatever you sell your items at for itself, so when selling items close to their merchant value, be aware that you might not be getting as much as you think.

As for my ranger, she now has a full set of armor.  Unfortunately, she is level 3 and won't be able to wear it until she's level 10.  In the mean time, it can sit in her inventory and wait.  On top of the new equipment, she also gained an actual level in experience while crafting, so that's a nice bonus too.  My mesmer actually gained two levels when I went on crafting spree earlier today - he finally was able to start using silver in his jewelry, which I've been stockpiling for the past month since my guardian doesn't use it.

Anyway, I hope this might be helpful to anyone who wants to start crafting.  Overall I like the system a lot.  It's definitely got rewards, and I always feel inclined to craft when I have the materials.  The recipes get more complex as you advance, and there are recipes that you actually have the purchase with karma to learn.  The other cool thing, though, is that your character level doesn't have to match your crafting level.  My level 7 mesmer is crafting jewelry suitable for my level 45 guardian.  Granted, my guardian collected most of the materials, but it's still pretty cool.

Guild Wars 2 General / GW2 Screenshots
« on: July 21, 2012, 05:40:46 PM »
I finally remembered to take screen shots!

I'm playing a Sylvari ranger right now.  The race only really affects story, appearance, and starting location, but the ranger is seriously fun to play.  It was a lot easier to unlock skills without having to switch between attunements too, like on the elementalist.

1.  My character by some giant floating rocks.  One of those moments when the environment art just takes my breath away.
2-3.  Those rocks turned out to be climbable, but I don't know what, if anything, was at the top, because the second one was about as far as I could get.
4-5.  Fighting some breeze riders (pesky mesmers in the first game) with my bow and great sword.
6-7.  Aquatic shots from Lion's Arch.  The first one is of the ruins of old LA, the second is a set of docks in the new LA.
8-9.  There are some fairly high elevation points around LA.  The first picture is a Vista point.  They give you a panoramic view of the area, some xp and completion points.  They're often really hard to get to though.  The second is a diving platform in LA.
10.  Reviving a fallen player after an event.
11-12.  More aquatic shots.  No, you can't fight the humpback whale.
13. I just managed to find an aquatic pet.  It took ages to find one, which made fighting underwater really annoying for a while.  It's a blue jellyfish.
14.  A shot of the pale tree, the mother of all Sylvari, in the heart of the Grove.

Guild Wars News / GW2 reserving names
« on: May 17, 2012, 06:44:07 PM »
They announced the process for reserving your character names from guild wars 1 for guild wars 2 today.  Basically if you've logged in since the new year, your character names will be reserved for you, but you have to create characters with those names during the 3-day head start period immediately before release, which means you have to prepurchase the game (or pre-order and do it during the 1 day head start for preorders).  After that, any unclaimed names from gw1 will be taken off the reservation list.  Also, you can have one word names in gw2.

Just thought you all might want to know if you're interested in playing gw2.  From the beta weekend and stress test I've participated in, I think it's worth prepurchasing.Here's the info directly from them if you want to see.

Guild Wars News / GW2 BETA TESTS
« on: February 17, 2012, 08:11:58 PM »
GW2 Beta Tests
Quote from: GW2 Blog
It starts today.
Hundreds of invited players and press from around the world will be logging into Guild Wars 2 for a beta test weekend of high adventure, exploration, in-depth personal stories, and teeth-rattling combat. We love playing our game as much as we love showing it off to our fellow gamers, so damn near everyone at ArenaNet will be logging in this weekend to play alongside our beta testers.
After this beta weekend we

NwN General / reinstalled
« on: February 04, 2012, 02:49:24 PM »
I felt motivated to reinstall NWN today.  It's finished, but I had trouble updating - I think I've found the fix, which just finished.  I'm about to test it out.

Random Ranting / April Fool's!
« on: April 02, 2011, 12:39:40 AM »
Happy April Fool's Day Everyone!

I almost forgot what day it was when I started reading Arenanet's little joke - the commando profession for gw2.

Random Ranting / Happy April Fools Day!
« on: April 01, 2010, 12:56:37 PM »
Watch your backs!  Below is Arenanet's idea of an April Fools prank - Enelya was tiny to begin with!

Edit: a reference to show just how tiny Enelya has been made next to another player. 

[attachment deleted by admin]

Guild Wars News / Guild Wars 2
« on: August 22, 2009, 05:47:55 PM »
The official Guild Wars 2 website with a game trailer has been released here.

Guild Wars General / General Playing Alerts...
« on: March 28, 2009, 01:01:24 PM »
Since I figure no one's going to notice if I post in the other thread, I'll post here when we're going to play....

Meclar and I are going to do Sanctum Cay mission in Hard Mode soon.  I just have to run my dervish there so he can do it.  Then we'll be off as soon as we're ready.  If anyone wants to come along just log on and send a message.

NwN Building / horse mounting
« on: February 16, 2009, 05:35:25 PM »
I have a feeling this belongs under script request....

Anyways, how do I prevent people from mounting a horse that isn't theirs?  I have a feeling that I'll need to change a bioware script, but their scripts are usually much longer and much more complicated than what I deal with.

NwN Building / cep haks
« on: February 16, 2009, 01:51:28 PM »
What's the list of haks that goes into a CEP module?  I found a list that makes sense at the bottom of the CEP page here, that was

which I think is right, only I had cep2_top_v1, cep2_top_v2, cep2_top_v22, cep2_top_v22b but not cep21_top_v1.  I figured the cep21 part might have been a typo, but I also figured I wanted the most updated version (the cep download included a crapload of other haks that I don't know what to do about....).  The .tlk file wasn't listed, and I had cep2_v1, cep21_v1, cep22_v1, and cep22_v2.  So I stuck cep22_v2 in because I figured it was the latest.  Is this right? Because I've run into some weirder things showing up - ex. just about every creature model being available for selection as wings or tails.  Other than the top hak and the tlk, everything else I stuck in as said.

Archepelago PvP / testing times
« on: February 14, 2009, 04:57:45 PM »
I'll post in here if I'm testing anything, and I'll give advance notice if I have it.
Current Details:
I will be testing tomorrow (February 22) through the evening, updating things as I can.  Here's the current module rundown, please note that some conversations are not entirely finished.

Please start with new characters.  You'll be given enough experience to get to level 5 to start.

13 areas so far:
1 exclusive to monks (or it should be, haven't tried to enter with a non-monk yet)
1 partially exclusive to mages (arcane casters/bards don't count)
1 death plane
Not all doors in place lead to areas yet
Some areas still need encounters, so they are just explorable for now

I think I've fixed the encounters with overpowered enemies by now, and I encourage group work because it will make the encounters easier to handle in general

I need to see:
-if the corpse can be picked up and dropped properly and if the name follows as needed
-if the adjustments to Resurrect and Raise Dead are working
-if the corpse is deleted when in someone's inventory and a player chooses to revive at the cost of xp and gold

Known issues
-opening the magic items page of the mage shop causes me to crash, I don't know if this is universal, nor do I know why...
-one area with a chance encounter, the guards will sometimes turn on you if they get involved in the fight because of mind-affecting spells or if they get hit by an area of effect spell you cast
-horses don't return between log-ins yet...working on that
-mysterious inventory glitch where items are not visible sometimes

A variety of classes would be helpful, including arcane and divine casters, rogues, monks and melee-types

If I'm not around, just post here with any issues you find.  I'll post again tomorrow when I get the server up with details and hopefully a working direct connect address

NwN Building / Running the Toolset & Client Fix - Multi-Core Processors
« on: February 07, 2009, 09:08:21 PM »
I keep receiving this error in the toolset, usually when I exit a conversation/item properties box.  Whenever I hit OK, the box just keeps reappearing.  Does anyone know what this is? It's rather aggravating because I have to use the task manager to close the toolset and reopen it and hope it backed up the mod I was working on.
Access violation at address 04EB353D in module 'ig4dev32.dll'.  Write of address03690048.

Archepelago PvP / something coming soonish...
« on: February 07, 2009, 05:22:31 PM »
It occurred to me about half an hour ago that I can actually host a dedicated server now that I have a computer in my room.  I'm still sketchy on the details so far, but I'm leaning towards making something server idea if I'll use CEP or not yet though.  I may scrap the archipelago concept entirely, but I'm not decided on that yet.

Details to come - until then!

NwN General / connection error
« on: December 14, 2008, 04:02:40 PM »
I'm receiving a connection error that I don't think I've seen before whenever I click 'join internet game' to see the gamespy menu.  It tells me 'Connection failed, try another Nick.'  Any idea what's up with that?  If not I should still be able to direct connect via IP addresses but I don't know what ThrobbleServ's current IP is.

Guild Wars General / Lots of Changes...
« on: August 19, 2008, 03:39:00 PM »
Yes, I know I'm probably the only one who still logs in and plays on some regular basis (although much less lately because my old computer doesn't seem to like it much... @_@;...), but this grabbed me as weird when I read the last few updates.  In addition to numerous changes to GvG which I can't fathom anyways because I haven't played in ages, over forty skills have had functionality changes, many of which are major or complete alterations to the spell's functionality.  Many of these skills are also elite skills.  I've never heard of such a complete turn around before - for example, Unyielding Aura:
Quote from: old function
Bring target dead party member back to life at full Health and full Energy. If you stop maintaining this enchantment or if this enchantment is removed, that party member dies and leaves an exploited corpse. Deaths while enchanted with Unyielding Aura do not incur a death penalty. (50% failure chance with Divine Favor 4 or less.)

That's still the function in PvP, but they've almost completely changed the PvE function:
Quote from: new PvE function
While you maintain this enchantment, your Monk spells heal for +15...51% more Health. When this enchantment ends one random other party member is resurrected and teleported to your location.

Some ways this can affect a PvE monk-
-can no longer have multiple Unyielding Auras in place, which can actually be detrimental rather than beneficial to a monk with a strong skill bar
-potentially overshadows the monk elite Healer's Boon
-can dramatically affect builds that previously relied on this skill (I have never actually used this skill at all, but there are undoubtedly some - I know Mo ran it sometimes when we were both bonding.)

It's also peculiar because it is only a PvE change, when the problem is usually a PvP imbalance.  It's like they just want people to use the skill more often in PvE...which I actually might.

[unrelated rant]And now it always feels like I'm constantly bombarded with pop culture references in the later games.  Loads of skills and title tracks are references to movies or songs or old shows etc. so overtly that it's overbearing.  It was kind of cool when it was little things at first like the dances being drawn from the Thriller or Rodgort's being Trogdor backwards etc, but now it's just in your face. O_o  Speaking of title tracks: total grind there - I thought their purpose was to eliminate senseless grinding for new levels etc.  They've essentially just transformed it into another form.[/end rant]

had the urge to get that out there.... *end*

edit: ps - I'll be on vacation without computer access until early next week.

General Gaming / lost cd-key
« on: June 30, 2008, 08:36:06 AM »
I was re-installing Diablo II today, and apparently I've lost the CD-Key for Lord of Destruction.  Does anyone know how I can get around this without just buying a new copy?  It's no big deal if not - I'd just prefer not to shell out the ten bucks for it.

edit: fuck, nevermind.  My stupid crippled computer doesn't want to run the damn game properly anyways.

General Roleplaying / The Realm of Arda
« on: October 09, 2007, 07:43:43 PM »
If you're lazy, skip to below the quote box.


â??The War of the Ring is over. Middle-earth has passed into the Fourth Age. It will become the Golden Age of Men, but all greatness must first be earned.â?

King Elessar spoke these words to his Council just three months after the downfall of Sauron. His words would be proven all too true. Though the Lord of the Rings was destroyed, enemies of the West live on.

And the hero upon whose revered name the Ring War was won has passed over the sea.

Deep in Harad and to the far East dwell enemies of Gondor and Rohan. Though the Armies of Mordor were defeated, the Men of Harad and Rhûn were given pardons. Most returned to their towns and villages with no more thought for Gondor or the war they were forced to fight.

But the desires of the common man are not those of their leaders.

Battalions of Haradrim remain within the borders of desolate Mordor. They are led by the twelve greatest War Lords in Harad. Aided by the Uruk-hai and Orcs hiding in the mountains, they attack the border of Gondor sporadically.

War between the Men of Middle-earth is eminent.

King Elessar has no choice but to make a move against the enemies of Gondor. War is declared, and preparations begin for the long campaign into Far Harad to face the main bulk of the Emperorâ??s army. In Rohan, King Ã?omer honors his alliance with Gondor and musters the Rohirrim.

Where the standard of Gondor flies, so will the banner of Rohan.

Allies of Gondor and Rohan gather from across Middle-earth. Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took leave the Shire and begin the long journey South. Treebeard shepherds the Huorns into the Wizardâ??s Vale where they stand as a vanguard of the Misty Mountains. Prince Imrahil and Faramir, Steward of Gondor, ready their men to march in Gondorâ??s army. Gimli, now Lord of Aglarond, and Legolas, now Lord of Eryn Silivren, prepare the Dwarves and Elves for battle.

Once again, the Free Peoples of Middle-earth stand united against a Darkness in the East.

The first of the Haradrim Wars will begin when the last of the harvest is brought in from the fields. Although they are mighty armies with mighty leaders, there is restlessness among the Men of the West. Whispers and rumors have begun to spread. Men tremble when the words are uttered.

A Lieutenant of Barad-dûr still lives.

Okay, now that you have read this or decided to be lazy and skip ahead, you're probably asking the question, "Elessar, what the hell is this?"

Well, the answer plain and simple is that it is a play-by-post RPG called The Realm of Arda, Arda being the elven term for Middle-Earth.

Now, while I'm sure some of you know what I mean by a play-by-post RPG, some of you probably don't, so for those of you who don't, a play-by-post RPG is essentially collaborative story telling. Each person controls a character account and takes turns posting in threads, termed role-plays, to tell what goes on in that role-play.

That being said, I happen to be one of the administrators at the Realm of Arda, and although the board is currently offline, it is being worked on almost constantly to ready it for opening and allowing character registration.

Still interested? Good, read further!

Now, I know we're used to typing *blinks* or lol when we chat here, but proper grammar, punctuation and spelling should be followed to the best of your ability if you choose to join. We will not kill you for typos or grammar mistakes though, don't worry! Also, this is a narrative - you are typing in the third person limited and in the past tense. "What the hell is the third person limited?" You may ask? It means there are no personal pronouns (I, me, mine, we, us, our, ours, you, your, yours, etc.) in the narration with exception of dialogue. We all know that dialogue without personal pronounces is rather irritating. 'Limited' means that the narration should only reflect what your character - and I must stress this, your character - knows or what may be happening around your character that may affect the situation. Past tense...I hope to god you all know what the past tense is. If not, seek help.

Okay, but what the hell was that mess up in the quote box? Well, that was the main plot. Or at least its current contents. This is the premise of the Main Plot of the entire role-play. Main plot, you say? Do tell! Well, there's an over-arching plot that affects the entire board. It drives the situation and is basically the whole point of the thing. Now, each individual character may have a personal plot which unravels at their own choosing, but the Main Plot is entirely controlled by the Staff and certain players who have been chosen by the staff to help progress the plot. Everyone else is pretty much reactionary, and may or may not be at all involved in the plot. A good deal of people will most definitely see main plot action, as the mess in the quote box clearly shows there is a war about to occur.

"So can I play Aragorn or Gimli or Legolas?" You may be asking. Well, the answer is yes and no. Some people will be trusted with a select list of canon characters, but they are highly important so inadequate players will have their canon character removed from them. Okay, what's canon? Well, canon is anything that is directly in accordance to any of Tolkien's Middle Earth novels and the movies. In the event that the movies and novels contradict each other, I'd personally say trust the novels, but our head admin says they are both correct, if that's possible. Back to being Aragorn or Gimli or Legolas or any other canon (aren't you glad you know that term now?) name - major canon names are restricted! Of major canon names, there is a select list that are available and will be claimed quickly, no doubt. Lesser canon names - not canon characters, but names - are allowed to be used at the administrators' discretion. So yeah, you won't see me playing 'Elessar Telùnya' any time soon, but you probably will recognize one of my various pseudonyms if you decide to join.

Have I lost you yet? Good, I didn't want to do that. Are you still interested? I hope so.

If you are still interested, I will post updates here as necessary and hope to see you on the boards when the Realm of Arda officially opens!

Guild Wars News / GW2 Programming Team
« on: August 09, 2007, 01:52:34 PM »
Arenanet's hiring skilled C++ programmers for the GW2 Team. Announcement in the announcements box on the GW Client.

Join the GW2 Programming Team!
We're looking for passionate C++ programmers to help us build the future of Guild Wars. No game industry experience required, but you've got to be one of hte best, and you've got to love Guild Wars. If you dig the Pacific Northwest and think you can run with one of the best teams in the industry, send your resume to

We're waiting to hear from you!

Just tossing it out there,

Birthday Forum! / Tyrael
« on: July 28, 2007, 11:09:20 AM »
Happy Birthday Tyrael![/b][/color]

Feedback & Community / a friggen lot...
« on: June 27, 2007, 07:38:43 AM »
Now that's just scary - 39 total at that time!



EDIT: I look at the board 2 minutes later and it's 47!
EDIT2: 53 guests, 3 pages of users in the online button. wow. I think I'm going to hide!

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