Author Topic: GvG Paragon Build??  (Read 4972 times)

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GvG Paragon Build??
« on: November 06, 2006, 03:23:10 AM »
Hey guy... I know were just getting back into gvg and I know were all trying to get use to this new build...  I had some skill suggestions for the paragon that may or may not help us.  I noticed both times we lost was against melee adren spike.  Usually and Axe and sword.  I also noticed that when they spike that they would knock down the monk they were spiking, which made 1 monk have to heal the entire spike.  I like "Incoming", but it seems its only helpful if it catches a spike halfway through, which is tough to do.  So here are the new skills im suggesting:

 (16 Command)

"Stand Your Ground!"- Shout. For 37 seconds, all party members within earshot recieve 24 armour when not moving.

5 Energy
0 Cast time
45 sec Recharge

- I chose this skill because i noticed a bunch of spikes are knocking down the target before they spike.  This will be a nice added bonus to "Watch Yourself" when a target is being spiked.

Bladeturn Refrain- Echo. For 20 seconds, target non-spirit ally has +42 armour against slashing damage. This Echo is reapploed every time a Chant or Shout ends on that ally.

5 Energy
1 sec cast time
8 sec recharge

- This skill may be a little over the top, but i noticed that most spikes involve either an axe warrior or a sword warrior.  This could be kept up on both monks 24/7 which would once again dramtically reduce the amount of damage a monk would take during adren spike.

"We Shall Return!"- Shout. For 10 seconds, whenever party members within earsho use a resurrection skill, their fallen allies return with 79% more health, and 53% more energy.

10 Energy
0 sec cast time
15 sec recharge

- This would really help when a monk is dropped, because when they res it would pretty much garentee them to have 78% of their energy.

Leadership- 9+1
Spear- 6+1
Command- 12+1+3

- "Incoming!"
- "Stand Your Ground!"
- Blade Refrain
- "Fall Back!"
- Disrupting Throw
- "Watch Yourself!"
- "We Shall Return!"
- Signet of Return

These are all skills that I was curious about trying in GvG....  I do realize that Johnny will probably be playing the Paragon, so its up to him if he wants to run these new skills.  What i want to do first off is make sure everyone is feeling comfortable with the class their running before we try and advance the builds anymore.  We did very good tonight and I hope to keep GvGing a lot!!!

Another thing thats really good about this paragon is its ability to help the team A LOT during VoD!  The Stand Your Ground chant is perfect for the archers to give them some more armor. Blade Refrain on the Guild lord during VoD will reduce the amount of damage from the other teams warriors/guild lord.
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GvG Paragon Build??
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2006, 10:02:18 AM »
Ok here is my rambling paragon post.   Proceed with caution!

Right now 7 of the skills on my bar seem solid, I've been experimenting on the 8th.  Out of the above skills the one I have been considering the most was Stand Your Ground, because like you said they get knocked down first.  I was asking the monks last night if they were seeing less KD lately, not sure if it will be as effective since there is less shock going around.  I can still run it next time to see how it works.   Right now in that slot I have ballad of restoration which i like a lot, it heals each party member for 68ish the next time they take dmg.
  Another shout i was considering is Aria of Zeal which gives all party members +3 energy the next time they cast a spell.   I would bring We shall Return, but Go for the Eyes is huge.  Basically anytime its up I throw that up to enhance the dmg.   And Aggressive Refrain is really important in helping my adrenaline stay up to cast Watch Yourself+Go for the Eyes since they are both 4 adrenaline.   Bladeturn is really hard to use, you have to target the ally and its hard on energy since it doesnt give back any energy.  Also disrupting isnt as effective as it was when barbed spear was on my bar (yes i know the dervish causes conditions, but im not always on the same target.)

 Here is my current bar and attributes:

4   Tactics
10 Spear Mastey  - minor rune
14 Command       -  major
8   Motivation      -  minor
10 Leadership      - major

Vampiric spear + shield both +30 hp,  Furious spear as second

-  Spear of Lightning              little bit of pressure or throw at someone running away low hp
- "Incoming!"                         lasts 7 seconds with 14 command, recharges in 20
- Ballad of Restoration
- Aggressive Refrain              increased atk spd, keeps adrenaline just enough for other shouts
- "Go for the eyes!"                 give you and warrior  +72% chance to critical on next atk skill
- "Watch Yourself!"                
- "Fall Back"                           good for chasing a team thats running, or save when in their base to help retreat
- Signet of Return                  solid hard res

I've also noticed spamming Go for the eyes and Watch yourself is good, but there are times when you only have enough adrenaline to throw one up right away.  That is when you must make a decision.  If someone on our team is being pressured, go with Watch Yourself,  if we are ok and Punt is about to spike, go with Go for the Eyes.   Also Fall Back helps monks kite,  but I dont use it all the time anymore.  I try to save it if i think we will need to pull back, whether at the flag stand or in their base,   or if we are pushing the other team out and we need to maintain our pressure by pushing out with a little extra speed.   Incoming is godly, at the start I keep it up as much as possible, or if I'm targeting an ele and i see them about to spike.    The hardest part of this job is to make sure all of your shouts hit your whole team, basically you need to position yourself in the exact center of the team and let the war+derv know if they are out of range since if they overextend Incoming doesnt work.  

Overall I would say this job is in a strange position, way more than my mesmer was, of coordinating the team.   You give buffs to atk+defense, and you have time to listen to the rest of the team complaining about whats giving us trouble.   Then you can tell the offense to hit the mesmer casting languor, or tell punt to pull back so you can cast incoming on him.   Or you can target a shadowsong or a rangers wolf pet to help out subtly.   The paragon himself doesnt do massive dmg, and doesnt heal for huge hp, but he helps greatly.

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GvG Paragon Build??
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2006, 11:46:32 AM »
Good insights. I have not tried a paragon yet in pvp. Thanks Johnny

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GvG Paragon Build??
« Reply #3 on: November 06, 2006, 03:15:30 PM »
I understand where your comming from Johnny, but correct me if i'm wrong "Go For The Eyes!" is only helping melee dmg.... We have 1 melee character, which is the warrior.  Its not going to help Crit a fire spell or my spike skills either.  So that skill right now is being used for punt... and you, who has 1 attack skill.  If you think thats more important then another defensive skills its honestly up to you.

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GvG Paragon Build??
« Reply #4 on: November 06, 2006, 04:14:43 PM »
Keeping everything the two of you said in mind...I think Johnny's build is putting to many slots into damage and spreading stats to thinly...Sloaner's Build looks better focused and HUGELY defensive, so it could work really well...except I'm not big on "We shall return" with so much Defense, on a hoh holding build, yes =), but gvg...

The monks were discussing Offering of Blood as a viable Mo/N build my idea being thrown out here is...

Spear Mastery

Disrupting Throw(Int), Harrier's Toss (runners), or Wild Throw (utility)
Stand Your Ground
Watch Yourself
Never Give Up
Never Surrender
Fall Back
Signet of Return

OoB Monks will love the additional energy and healing from comboing OoB with Never Give Up + Never Surrender.  Toss in Fall Back and they never run out of Health either...

Johnny, Ballad of Restoration is nice, but most of motivation helps Caster type classes, so maybe a more Motivation based Paragon build would Help our Caster Heavy Build (2 ele, 2 monks, me/n...)and it would hella increase the Heals on this skill if thats what your after.

"Incoming!" isn't meant to be up 24/7.  Otherwise its like a ward...your opponents will time it and spike around it.  Watch the Warriors and Damage Casters for spikes.  It casts instantly, so you can put it up whenever the situation calls for it.

Question though:  Are our monks standing their ground or Falling Back? =)