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Lots of Changes...
« on: August 19, 2008, 03:39:00 PM »
Yes, I know I'm probably the only one who still logs in and plays on some regular basis (although much less lately because my old computer doesn't seem to like it much... @_@;...), but this grabbed me as weird when I read the last few updates.  In addition to numerous changes to GvG which I can't fathom anyways because I haven't played in ages, over forty skills have had functionality changes, many of which are major or complete alterations to the spell's functionality.  Many of these skills are also elite skills.  I've never heard of such a complete turn around before - for example, Unyielding Aura:
Quote from: old function
Bring target dead party member back to life at full Health and full Energy. If you stop maintaining this enchantment or if this enchantment is removed, that party member dies and leaves an exploited corpse. Deaths while enchanted with Unyielding Aura do not incur a death penalty. (50% failure chance with Divine Favor 4 or less.)

That's still the function in PvP, but they've almost completely changed the PvE function:
Quote from: new PvE function
While you maintain this enchantment, your Monk spells heal for +15...51% more Health. When this enchantment ends one random other party member is resurrected and teleported to your location.

Some ways this can affect a PvE monk-
-can no longer have multiple Unyielding Auras in place, which can actually be detrimental rather than beneficial to a monk with a strong skill bar
-potentially overshadows the monk elite Healer's Boon
-can dramatically affect builds that previously relied on this skill (I have never actually used this skill at all, but there are undoubtedly some - I know Mo ran it sometimes when we were both bonding.)

It's also peculiar because it is only a PvE change, when the problem is usually a PvP imbalance.  It's like they just want people to use the skill more often in PvE...which I actually might.

[unrelated rant]And now it always feels like I'm constantly bombarded with pop culture references in the later games.  Loads of skills and title tracks are references to movies or songs or old shows etc. so overtly that it's overbearing.  It was kind of cool when it was little things at first like the dances being drawn from the Thriller or Rodgort's being Trogdor backwards etc, but now it's just in your face. O_o  Speaking of title tracks: total grind there - I thought their purpose was to eliminate senseless grinding for new levels etc.  They've essentially just transformed it into another form.[/end rant]

had the urge to get that out there.... *end*

edit: ps - I'll be on vacation without computer access until early next week.
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Re: Lots of Changes...
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2008, 03:17:35 AM »
The changes to GvG are utter shit. Im glad I stopped playing.
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