Author Topic: Perdition Rock solo farming  (Read 3437 times)

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Perdition Rock solo farming
« on: August 08, 2005, 08:17:35 PM »
I had this idea to make a build that could solo farm perdition rock.  Well after much testing here he is.


Earth Magic 11 ---> Minor Rune
Fire Magic  8 -----> Minor Rune
Energy Storage 13 ----> Head set + sup. rune
Smiting 10


Balthazar's Aura, Symbol of Wrath, Balthazar's Spirit, Aura of Restoration, Crystal Wave, Meteor Shower, Obsidan Flesh (elite) Armor of Earth

Decked out in full puromancer armor

The strategy is pretty basic.
The hydra AI is as follows: Cast Glyph of Renewal ---> Cast Meteor Shower ---> move into melee range ---> cast inferno ---> Cast Meteor Shower ----> Cast Phoenix

The glyph of renewal means that those meteor showers start coming in pretty quick (annoying). So the plan is to use Obsidian Flesh so that they can not target you with pheonix or meteor shower.  Start of with Balthaza's aura on.  Wait for the hydra's to start coming down in groups of 4 or less.  When they are about in range cast aura of restoration (this is your self healing).  Now arrgo the group. Let them cast their first meteor shower and just dodge it, while pulling them down near Ember Light so that you don't arrgo any more groups.  Once they are finished with casting meteor, cast Obsidian Flesh, now they will move into melee range since they can't cast anymore spells on you. Cast armor of earth, Cast Balthazar's aura, Cast Meteor Shower, Cast Symbol of Wrath, Cast Crystal Wave, Cast 2nd Bal. Aura = Dead hydras.

Once Obsidian Flesh runs out (17 seconds) they are free to cast Meteor on you, hopefully by this time and it normally works out, the 2nd Balthazar's aura will be ready to cast and finish them off.

You can use the basic same strategy to solo farm the Flesh golems also. I haven;t tried the Drakes yet but I assume them easier than Hydras.  The Darkfire Dryders are a pain in the ass since they but bunch up and Cast Chilibans which is murder for this build. Drops are very nice as these are level 24 creatures.

Anyone know a good video encoder so I can post a clip of this farming technique?